Letters to the Editor

I really appreciated the editor’s thoughts in the November 2005
issue (“Passing the Test of Time,” page 2).

I fully agree that the most important parts of the old iron
hobby are the preservation, operational and educational

I don’t mind a bit if a unit is still in its “work clothes,” as
many of us don’t have the time and wherewithal to make them like
they came off the dealer’s floor many years ago. I think it is
great that many people do have the time and resources to make them
like new again, as that is very important too.

My concern is that many people, and especially the younger
generation who will be “carrying the ball” in the years ahead, are
able to get involved and start their collection and operation of
treasures without finding it necessary to have a big bankroll.
Remember, the fun and education, and meeting new people and making
new friends, is what really counts. Thanks, Leslie, for speaking

David Ruark
274 Malone Hill Road
Pomeroy, WA 99347
e-mail: elephant@pomeroy-wa.com

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