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Restored Allis-Chalmers Model G and "Big Dolly" at a New York fair. The Allis was the only tractor in the building.

Several years ago I was given Farm Collector as a gift and have renewed the subscription every year since. I grew up on a small dairy and poultry farm in upstate New York in the 1940s and ’50s and can relate to many of the articles in the magazine. I have a great interest in old tractors, or any old farm machines for that matter, and I find the information and pictures very interesting.

We had a team of horses and a 1937 Allis-Chalmers WC to work with. My father really preferred the horses; however, I liked using the tractor much better. In 1951 the WC was replaced with a WD, which had a starter, PTO and hydraulics. We were finally in the modern age and could mow, rake and bale with the tractor. No more loose hay and pitch forks.

I did not remain on the farm, although I now own the farm land, which is leased to another farmer. Dairy farming in this county of New York is almost a thing of the past.

My interest in old farm tractors has remained and I now own several Allis-Chalmers tractors and one Ford. A few years ago I acquired a Model G Allis-Chalmers. It took a few years of work, but I finally got the restoration completed and have shown it locally. The enclosed picture was taken at a local fair where it was displayed along with old cars and trucks; it was the only tractor in the building. We call the driver “Big Dolly” and have used her for other purposes with appropriate clothing. I am now working on a second Model G.

I always look forward to the next issue and read it from cover to cover.

Homer L. Warner
Voorheesville, N.Y.

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