Letters: Column spurs memories of war-time newsletter

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 The Life magazine cover

To quote the late Paul Harvey: “the rest of the story.” Just received the October issue of Farm Collector. I read Sam Moore’s column “Women on the Farm.” Picture no. 2 (from Life Magazine, Sept. 27, 1943) looked familiar to me. Life at that time would go to small towns across America and do a feature story each week. That particular issue featured my hometown of Warner, N.H.
In 1943, Warner’s population was 1,100; 110 of those people were in the armed services. The title of the article was “Letters from Home”; it told of a local newsletter sent to all our absent residents in the services, keeping them up to date with local events. That publication was titled “Home Fires,” after the popular song, “Keep the Home Fires Burning.” I have several copies of that issue of Life, which cost more than a year’s subscription at the time.
Thanks to Sam’s column, I now know the name of the girl holding the corn on the cover, and you have a glimpse of the rest of the story inside that issue, which I am pleased to relay and share with you.
Fred W. Courser III, Concord, NH 03301

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