Know Anything About Friend Sprayer?

Reader Contribution by Farm Collector

I am a new subscriber to Gas Engine Magazine, receiving the April/May issue recently.

I own a small farm that has belonged to the Warren family since 1699. Among some of the old equipment on the site is the remains of a Friend sprayer. This was used to spray apple trees during the 1940s. It was stored in an old henhouse during the last 40 years.

This previous winter the building collapsed due to heavy, wet snow stuck on pitted aluminum roofing. I managed to save the basic engine and pump assembly. The remaining wood tank and control parts were damaged beyond repair.

I found a March 1939 instruction manual and parts list for a Friend Motor Pump with a Dave Dickinson card attached. Apparently he was a collector and restorer of Friend engines. The phone number I called was answered by his wife. She stated her husband died in 2004 and she did not know of anyone to forward any questions regarding Friend sprayers.

I was hoping to find information to restore the engine to running condition. Do you know of any source of information that could advise me about restoring this old engine and pump assembly?

Frank E. Warren, 77 Boston Road, Chelmsford, MA 01824; 978-256-5794

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