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By Farm Collector Staff

Many of us collect more than just tractors and engines, and I really enjoyed the variety found in Farm Collector. Thank you again for a fresh new look at collecting.
Gordon R. Stegner, Chilhowee, Mo.

I collect and restore Cushman farm/stationary engines which were made here in Lincoln, Neb., from about 1902 through the early 1950s. I have several engines and a fair amount of original literature. Because there are no production figures available on these engines, and very little information on the factory, I’ve been gathering serial numbers (more than 600 now), photos and other information on these engines for the last 11 years in preparation for writing a book on the Cushman line. I’ve received hundreds of letters and phone calls, and have corresponded with Cushman owners in most all of the United States as well as Canada, England, Australia and other countries.
The book is nearly complete (160 pages), but I would like to make one more appeal to any Farm Collector Magazine readers who are engine collectors/restorers and have unique Cushman engines or information to contact me. I want the book to be as complete and thorough as possible to be of the most help to restorers. It will have a number of original factory photos, drawings, original ads, plus a number of photos showing the features of each model as they changed over their years of production.
Any help your readers could give will be greatly appreciated, and I will respond to all who write or call.
Jim L. Brown, 7309 Baldwin Avenue, Lincoln, Neb., 68507; (402) 466-7363.

I just received my first copy of Farm Collector. It is great! Keep up the good work.
I am married to a vintage farm girl, and I am dedicated to her preservation. My wife, Faye, enjoyed our magazine, also.
Melton Emery Caraway, Ark.

I am impressed with your first issue. Good luck.
Wayne Schmidt, McConnellsburg, Pa.

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