Letters to the Editor

We want to thank you so much for putting our silo moving in your magazine (Farm Collector, July 2008, page 26).

Several people who’ve seen it mentioned it to us. Eugene drove a bus for 51-1/2 years and one of the boys who rode with him saw the pictures in his boss’ magazine and came to tell us about it.

In the July 2008 issue, on the back page you advertise an auction of the late Joseph Kwasniewski. Our parents’ farms bordered each other. We went to school together. He had a sawmill operation in West Leyden, N.Y., for many years.

Thanks again for all you’ve done for us. It sure has brought back a lot of beautiful memories.

Eugene and Rita Weible, 9377 Stedman Rd., Lee Center, NY 13363; (315) 337-4479

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