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Oliver Chilled Plow Works Model 404 plow
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Oliver Chilled Plow Works Model 404 plow
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Kent's children pose with the corn Sheller.
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Burr mill.
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"Crossing" my fingers
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Bessemer engine

I was so pleased to see and read about ‘Mothballed Moldboards’ in the July 2003 Farm Collector. I have a walking plow yet to turn a furrow as well. It’s an Oliver Model 404, manufactured by the Oliver Chilled Plow Works in South Bend, Ind. The plow is one of my very favorite old farm collectibles..

– George Probasco, 1316 Old York Road, Robbinsville, N/ 08691

Green grinder mystery

I have a burr mill or grinder that I would like information about. It has a hint of light-green paint on it with a 3-inch circle on the hopper that was probably a logo. The large V-belt pulley was a later addition.

– Gary Covert, Payson, Ariz.; e-mail: garc@dancris.com

‘Crossing’ my fingers

I just purchased a horse-drawn mower in good condition. However, I can’t identify the manufacturer. Several areas on the mower. I find a cross cast in the metal. Does anyone know what brand of machine I have purchased?

 – Richard Butts, 4369 Seidel Place, Saginaw, Ml 48603

Identification horseplay?

I am writing about the photo on the top of page 12 in the July 2003 Farm Collector. The horses are identified as Belgians. Belgians are well over 16 hands. When the horses in the picture are compared to the people, the horses aren’t tall enough to be Belgians. I would venture to guess that the horses are Haflingers. Haflingers are from 13 to 15 hands and do resemble Belgians in their coloring.

– Jerry and Sue Larsen, Box 261, Madison, SD 57042


I have an Ottawa C Perfection #1 corn Sheller that I would like some information on. It was used until 10 years ago and has been stored inside, so it’s still in good condition. Can anyone tell me anything about this machine?

– R. Kent Riewerts, 9585 Henry Road, Morrison, IL 61270; (815) 778-3664

Finders keepers

It’s such a joy to get Farm Collector each month, but I have a problem trying to decide what to look at first. I hate to say it, but the ‘What-is-it?’ page is probably my favorite. Sometimes I feel dumb because I don’t know what some of them are.

I’ve found a Lynchburg Model S2 right-handed, mule-drawn turning plow that I believe to be a salesman sample. It’s been sawed off short on the beam and handles, but the dead giveaway is that it’s made of aluminum. Does anyone have information about this type of plow or know of anyone who owns something similar?

-ohn Tabor, 3910 Old 431 Highway, Owens Crossroads, AL 35763; (256)725-4710

Crankin’ the easy way

Here’s the easy way to crank. This is a 4-hp Bessemer engine with a Ford starter, a 12-volt battery and one washing machine ringer. It was restored by Tom Keys and myself.

– Guy Keys, 505 Piping Rock Road, Brandenburg, KY40108

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