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I restored a 1939 John Deere B tractor. In the process I installed an engine out of a John Deere 212 riding lawn mower. I removed the head, pistons, rods and block from the B, then I made a plate and put on a crankcase so it would hold oil. I plugged the holes in the crankshaft with JB Weld so I could have oil pressure to the main bearings. I removed the flywheel and cut a 5/8-inch wide v-belt groove. I used a centrifugal clutch like on a go cart. I installed a jackshaft between the engine and flywheel, which helps to get gear ratio satisfactory. Doing it this way lets the clutch and transmission work without having any changes.

It has no trouble pulling a trailer load of children in parades or taking them on hayrack rides. I drive it to the coffee shop on nice days just for the fun of driving it. My wife says this is an old man’s play toy, but it keeps me thinking all the time of what else I can do and that is what counts. She loves my new toy. Anyone wanting information can contact me.

Boyd Butler
1321 Sunset Lane
Blackwell, OK 74631
(580) 363-4189
(956) 233-4695

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