Letters to the Editor

In reference to the photo of the electrical control on the Thieman (Farm Collector, January 2007, page 21), I should have made a comment sooner. Several years ago a Thieman tractor was on display at a local company. It was interesting to me as I had no knowledge about Thiemans.

On the right-hand side is the ammeter that shows the rate of charge from the generator (gear driven on Model T) and the left side has the ignition switch. With the key turned to the right it was “batt” for starting, and after the engine was running it was turned to the left side for “mag.” The magneto was built on the flywheel and the car ran better on the magneto setting. The long lever was the light switch that should have read “dim or dimmer.”

Since my first car was a 1924 Model T Ford, I have good memories of the controls and the mechanical parts of it. My best-remembered problem was the spring on the timer breaking and not being able to start the engine.

Dale H. Brumm
Sioux City, Iowa

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