Letters: Nichols & Shepard veteran of tobacco beds

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20-70 Nichols & Shepard steam engine

This is a photo of my 20-70 Nichols & Shepard steam engine used to steam tobacco beds for more than 50 years in this area. I am thinking of restoring the engine as it has a lot of sentimental value to me. It was just pulled out of storage where it had been for more than 40 years. With ultrasound we learned that it needs a new boiler. The engine was used on a sawmill in Potosi, Wis., in 1945 when my father purchased it for $200. The trucking to Waunakee, Wis., was $250. He used it for steaming tobacco beds for 50 years and my brothers and I also ran it.

Jim Koltes, 7023 Co. Rd. I, De Forest, WI 53532

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