Letters: Finally: Wife finds new use for old iron

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Wife finds new use for old iron

A photo of this half of a tractor appeared along with the article, “Where Do They Come From?” in the April 2007 issue of Farm Collector. This old iron has been sitting in my bone yard ever since.

Last fall my wife was in the truck with me when I happened to drive past the old tractor. She asked me what I was going to do with it and I replied that it was going to the scrap yard. She said she wanted it, and that pretty much took care of that.

I moved it into our yard, cut some cedar chunks for the back wheels to sit on, picked up some rocks out of the creek to place underneath the tractor, hauled enough gravel to fill between the rocks, and then built a 2-by-6-foot trough out of old barn siding to hold flower pots.

It came out pretty good for what it is, and finally, after almost 50 years, my wife actually approves of a rusty old tractor sitting in the yard.

Alan Easley, Columbia, Mo.

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