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Image courtesy Dan Dorece – The Real Field of Dreams. 

Online articles we couldn’t fit in our special issue!

Rescuing a 12 HP Domestic from the Bahamian Jungle
Randy Reysen shares the rescue story of a 12 HP Domestic from the Bahamian jungle.

Briarpatch Beauty: A 22-1/2 HP Bessemer Oil Field Engine
Old-engine buddies journey to bring a 22-1/2 HP Bessemer oil field engine back to life.

Abandoned Treasure: McCormick-Deering TracTracTor
Rare McCormick-Deering Model 10-20 TracTracTor discovered in the Mojave Desert. 

The Real Field of Dreams: An Engine Goldmine
Dan Dorece shares his Wisconsin discovery. 

Out of the Wild: A Hume Tractor
Canadian collector hunts down vintage Hume.

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