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A Celebration of Milk Cans

Before the use of milk cans, a common practice was for cows and asses to be driven through the streets. Customers would receive fresh milk directly from the cow. In London, milkmaids avoided the dangers to themselves and the contamination of their milk (from slops being thrown out at night from upper storied windows) by shouting “milkmaid below!” or “milko” or even “meow.”

And that is just the first interesting tidbit found in Milk Cans: A Celebration of their History, Use, and Design, by Ian Spellerberg. The author has gathered everything there is to know about milk cans, including their history and design; information on materials, volume, and shape; patents; accessories; processing and maintenance – all in the first 12 pages!

The book is lavishly illustrated with vintage illustrations and black-and-white and color photos. The reader quickly realizes how little he knows about milk cans – and how small the galaxy of information is, a rather surprising state of affairs given the once wide usage of the humble piece. For a book of this size, the amount of text is fairly small, but a wealth of images more than makes up for that.

Milk cans, churns, and pails have been used for centuries, which is perhaps the reason that they are some of the most photographed of all farm collectibles. Spellerberg launches a fond exploration of that tradition, showcasing milk can-themed postage stamps, discussing milk can art, miniatures, games, and more.

Milk Cans: A Celebration of their History, Use, and Design, by Ian Spellerberg, 2018, published by Astragal Press, an imprint of Globe-Pequot. Soft cover, 262 pages, black-and-white and full color photos and vintage illustrations.

Black Diamond for Sandblasting

Abrasive products are used in sandblasting to create a clean, smooth surface and remove contaminants that might corrode the underlying metal over time. U.S. Minerals’ Black Diamond line has the material (from coal slag to iron silicate to a variety of specialty abrasives) and the grade to deliver the most cost-effective and high-quality blast. Black Diamond offers enhanced speed and cutting for superior cleaning and an efficient blast.

“Black Diamond is committed to providing industry-leading customer service along with a best-in-class product,” says U.S. Minerals President and CEO Michael Johnston. “It’s our job to advise our customers on the uses and breadth of Black Diamond abrasives to make sure they’re getting the highest-quality blast for their application.”

Learn more about Black Diamond and find a distributor.

Ford 2N, 8N and 9N Shop Manual

From the long-established I&T Shop Manuals line, Ford Shop Manual FO-4 is a very comprehensive shop manual. As with all I&T manuals, this one is invaluable in the restoration of tractors, especially for the person who does not work with this line – 2N, 8N, and 9N – on a daily basis. The manual contains detailed instructions for a full mechanical restoration of the line, and is very well laid out with many helpful hints.

Since 1948, I&T Shop Manuals have been the trusted source for professionals and experienced mechanics. Designed to serve the professional tractor and farm equipment repair industry, each I&T service and repair manual covers removal, overhaul, installation, and adjustment procedures of various assemblies and subassemblies. For maintenance items, in most cases, the manuals are intended to be used with the tractor’s original operator’s manual.

The FO-4 is unique in the lineup, as it covers lubrication and maintenance in more detail and is the most comprehensive model-specific manual in the series. It also includes wiring diagrams for all models referenced.

Ford Shop Manual (FO-4 Models 2N, 8N, 9N), I&T Shop Manuals, 859 Lawrence Dr., Newbury Park, CA 91320; phone (800) 442-9637; online at Clymer Manuals. 152 pages, black-and-white soft cover.

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