Photos for the 2013 Show Season

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A steam-powered excavator gets a workout at the Western Minnesota Steam Threshers Reunion in Rollag, Minn., over Labor Day weekend.
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The past comes to life when an eight-horse team is put to work discing a field during the annual steam threshing show at Heritage Park of North Iowa in September.
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Leon Haines, Ogilvie, Minn., navigates the show grounds at Heritage Days at the Jim Nelson farm (south of Mora, Minn.) at the wheel of a 1919 International 8-16 tractor owned by Russ Sutton, Ogilvie.
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Jansen, Kent Jansen, Kurt Jansen and Allen Jansen man a 14-bottom plow pulled by Bill and Jesse Jansen’s 110 hp Case steam engine at the American Thresherman Assn. show in Pinckneyville, Ill., in August.
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A spark show lights up the night at Heritage Days. Shown here: a 1914 Russell steam engine owned by Cody Gamble.
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A pair of classics: a 20 hp Cushman and a 15 hp Cushman at a show near Centerville, Iowa.
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This early inverted Otto gas engine is just one of many engines on display at the Coolspring (Pa.) Power Museum. Coolspring is home to 20 buildings full of rare and interesting engines.
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Allemande left: Tractor square dancing at the Red Power Round Up in Lima, Ohio.
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Travis Benner smiles after starting his 3-1/2 hp Hagan engine at the Midwest Old Threshers Reunion, Mt. Pleasant, Iowa. Earlier at the show, his friends hung a sign on the engine reading “start me.”
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Here’s where experience and a sure foot on the clutch pedal pay off. Photo taken at the River Valley Antique Assn. Old Fashioned Threshing Show in Mapleton, Ill.
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Riding on the steam engine with Grandpa is always a treat. Photo taken at the River Valley Antique Assn. Old Fashioned Threshing Show.
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Justin Boll drives a Percheron team on a horsepower, unloading wheat with a John Deere overhead hoist into a John Deere small grain elevator. The photo was taken at the Humboldt (S.D.) Threshing Show Aug. 10-11.
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Members of McCook (Neb.) Heritage Tractor Club, EDGE&TA Branch 238, join the fun with their entry in the McCook Heritage Days parade Sept. 28.
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“We are in the parade!” Tucker (driving) and Devyn Sieling join the parade at the Andersons’ Rock Creek (Minn.) Relics Threshing and Sawing Show, Rush City, in September in a rig customized by their granddad, Marvin Monster, Rush City.
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In a photo that could have been taken 100 years ago, the threshing crew at Heritage Days pauses to mark the moment.
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A PTO-driven grain binder was demonstrated in an oats field at the Mid-Iowa Antique Power Assn. show in August near Marshalltown, Iowa. Ed Mason, Marshalltown, is on the Farmall 460; Wayne Tempel, LaMoille, Iowa, is on the binder.
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A large display of Minneapolis-Moline equipment lit up the horizon at the Humboldt Threshing Show.
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Roger Schuller’s 1913 Case 20-40 tractor marked a milestone in 2013. The centennial classic held prime position in this display of Case tractors. Roger is a member of the Maumee Valley Steam & Gas Assn., New Haven, Ind.
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No birthday would be complete without cake.
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What horsepower is that rig? Marvin Hedberg’s modified Segway human transporter on the move at Andersons’ Rock Creek Relics Threshing and Sawing Show.
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Plowing with an 8-bottom John Deere prairie plow, pulled by a 25 hp Gaar-Scott double-cylinder engine. Photo taken at the 40th annual Le Sueur County (Minn.) Pioneer Power Show in August.
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A tug of war between a team of horses and a group of strong men was a special attraction at the 2013 Mid-Iowa Antique Power Show. The team easily won the contest.
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Randy Guertin and Lindsey Walerius, Union Hill, Minn., operate the “Minnesota mucker” elevating grader at the Le Sueur County Pioneer Power Show.
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Jim Nelson on the binder and Dan Hartog on the Farmall, cutting oats for the Heritage Days show.
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Santa’s helper: Wayne Harmon, Boonville, Mo., drove his 1957 John Deere 620 to the Missouri River Valley Steam Engine Assn. 50th Anniversary of Back to the Farm Reunion, September, in Boonville.
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The “dirt crew” elevating and loading dirt at the Le Sueur County Pioneer Power Show.
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Out of place? A bit, but the Maple City Antique Tractor Assn.’s display at the Sandburg Mall in Galesburg, Ill., is a great way to show tractors in the winter.
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Corn binding is just one of many activities on tap during the summer show put on by the Cumberland Valley Antique Engines & Machinery Assn. near Chambersburg, Pa. Last August Chris Lapp used a newly restored corn binder as he worked through a cornfield planted with a check-row planter.
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The annual Maple Crest Antique Tractor and Engine Show is held on the grounds of Maple Crest Senior Living Village, Bluffton, Ohio, during the annual Bluffton Fall Festival. “It is so fun to see our residents, many of whom could not attend a large or distant tractor show, literally walk out their front door to enjoy the festivities along with the community folk who attend our show too,” says TR Steiner, who helps organize the tractor show.
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Dale Anderson and his daughter, Olivia, on a Minneapolis-Moline Model Z take a spin through the Andersons’ Rock Creek Relics Threshing and Sawing Show.
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David Russell (front) and Andrew Dawson operate a working display at the Northeast Missouri Old Threshers Reunion, Shelbina, in September. The 1939 International Harvester F-20 is owned by Melanie Boone and David Russell. The IH husker/shredder and 1936 IHC 30 truck are owned by Andrew Dawson.
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Matthew Avery at the wheel of his father’s 1952 John Deere Model M with Ellis tobacco setter. The tractor was bought new by Matthew’s grandfather and has been in the family ever since. Fully restored, it is shown here on parade during the Coats (N.C.) Farmers Day, where it won first place at the tractor show.
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Binding feed with a John Deere Model A at the Central Kansas Flywheels show near Salina, Kan., in October.
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An antique McCormick-Deering potato plow demonstrated at the 2013 Mid-Iowa Antique Power Assn. show by Keith McDonald, Newton, Iowa.
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Solomon Rees, Glenwood, Ind., works on a Wisconsin engine he bought while attending the Tri-State Gas Engine & Tractor Assn. show, Portland, Ind., in August.
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The right tool for the job? Maybe not, but Tavis Anderson made do with a vintage pitchfork during the Andersons’ Rock Creek Relics Threshing and Sawing Show.
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Marvin Beard with his 7 hp Galloway at the Midwest Old Threshers Reunion. Marvin purchased the engine in 1967 from the original owner’s family; the original Galloway warranty was part of the package. He first showed the engine at Mt. Pleasant in 1968. Forty-five years later, in 2013, Marvin returned the engine to the Old Threshers Reunion.
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A cautionary tale: During a show, this 1962 John Deere 3010 rolled backward from a tractor display into a nearby creek. Youngsters playing on tractors in the display apparently inadvertently released the brakes on the 3010. Fortunately, no one was on or near the tractor when it rolled into the creek.
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Good as gold: Four gold Fords sparkled at Old Timers Day, River Hills Antique Tractor Club, Perryville, Mo., in May. Left to right: A Ford 881 owned by Gayland Light; a Ford 981 owned by the Davis Historical Club, Perryville; Ford 881 owned by Brett Naeger, St. Genevieve, Mo.; and a Ford 871 owned by Roger Seabaugh, Oak Ridge, Mo.

By all accounts, 2013 was a very good year for old iron. Painted, paraded and preened like never before, antique farm equipment was the star of the show at displays across the U.S. and Canada. Corn shellers to combines, windmills to tractors, steam engines to porcelain signs, gas engines to fire engines, relics of the past continue to delight showgoers of all ages.

As these photos show, there are dozens of ways to skin a cat. Clubs and collectors routinely show their individuality in their approach to the hobby. Looking for a great idea for your club’s show or your own display? You’ll find plenty of inspiration in these pages.

Whoever said that shows have to be held outside, in the summer, neglected to get that memo to the Maple City Antique Tractor Assn. Check out the photo of that club’s winter show. Looking for new partnerships? Take a look at a show put on at an Ohio retirement community. Need something to perk up show? The folks in Marshalltown, Iowa, tried a unique tug of war.

As photographers from across the country show us, photos don’t lie. The old iron hobby is alive and well. Enjoy these photos of Show Season 2013, and thanks to all who shared them with us!

To see photos from this year’s show season that didn’t make the issue, see 2013 Show Photos — Online Exclusive. FC

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