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A Gaar-Scott 40 owned by Jerred Ruble, Hanlontown, Iowa, pulling a 14-bottom Oliver plow just before Steam Threshing Days at Heritage Park of North Iowa, Forest City. Shown here: Lawrence Swanz, Zimmerman, Minn., engineer, and Jerred as steerman. 
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Comparing equipment at the National Farm Toy Show and Auction in Dyersville, Iowa/IH Iowa State show. 
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This tribute to SPC Aaron R. Bixler says it all.
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Engineer Eric Bremer, Ocheyedan, Iowa, at the wheel of Jerred Ruble’s 1893 14 hp Minneapolis return flue steam engine at Heritage Park of North Iowa.
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Eight John Deere tractors sharing the distinction of having been built and shipped with a single front wheel direct from the manufacturer gathered for a group photo at the EDGE&TA Branch 13 Gas Up held Oct. 2 at the McFarland Living History Ranch, Galt, Calif. The group includes a 1938 ANH (one of 26 made) and a BN (one of 23) built in 1934 for the 1935 model year owned by John Boehm, Woodland, Calif.; a 1945 BN owned by Lou Montero, Jackson, Calif.; a 1947 BN owned by Rendy Waller, Loomis, Calif.; a 1940 BN owned by Bob Currie, Greenwood, Calif.; a 1950 MTN and 1952 GN owned by Bob Hinds, Rio Linda, Calif.; and a 1947 AN owned by Lee Hardesty, Fair Oaks, Calif. 
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Threshing with horse power at the 2010 Heritage Park of North Iowa Steam Threshing Days: A five-sweep power (originally owned by Jerred Ruble’s great-grandfather) and a 24-foot New Belle City thresher (also owned by Jerred, who lives in Hanlontown, Iowa). The threshing area shown in the background features six steam-powered threshers, three tractor-powered threshers, a steam-powered corn shredder and a steam-powered clover huller. 
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Threshing wheat at the 20th anniversary Humboldt (S.D.) threshing show in August 2010. Left to right: a McCormick thresher owned by Chad Gortmaker, Canistota, S.D.; a McCormick owned by Paul Gross, Colton, S.D.; and a John Deere owned by Paul VanderVliet, Ward, S.D. 
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Ernie Langdon, Hartsburg, Mo., driving his Allis-Chalmers during the NEMO Old Threshers Show, Shelbina, Mo., Sept. 16-19, 2010. Ernie found the Allis more than 30 years ago in a hog lot near Perry, Mo. 
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Pulling together: When the belt slipped off this Minneapolis, a team effort was required to get the operation back in business.
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Dwarfed by steam engines, these young steam men proceed on their rounds at the Midwest Old Threshers Reunion, Mt. Pleasant, Iowa.
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Austin Smith (left) and Charles Bruns manned a working demonstration of corn grinding at the Midwest Old Threshers Reunion, Mt. Pleasant, Iowa, over Labor Day weekend. Austin is the son of Perry Smith; Charles is the son of James Bruns. 
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Relaxing at day’s end at a Ceresco, Neb., show.
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A Farmall Regular, with a trace of original paint, still going strong, plowing at the Mid-Iowa Antique Power Assn.’s 26th annual Threshing and Power 2010 Show in Marshalltown, Iowa.
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Taking a break from the action at the National Farm Toy Show and Auction in Dyersville, Iowa/IH Iowa State show. 
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“Don’t wonder… Ask!” reads the placard on this unique display. You never know what you’ll see at the Midwest Old Threshers Reunion, Mt. Pleasant, Iowa. Jerry Balvin is shown powering Max Harmon’s ride on an engine cart.
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The traditional horse pull is a regular feature at the Mid-Iowa Antique Power Assn.’s 26th annual Threshing and Power Show in Marshalltown, Iowa.
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A well restored York stationary gas engine on display at the Cumberland Valley Antique Engine & Machinery Assn. show, Chambersburg, Pa.
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Garden tractors and machinery displayed at the 20th anniversary Humboldt (S.D.) threshing show in August 2010.
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The parade at the 100th annual Bean Day celebration, Wagon Mound, N.M., included some vintage iron. Left, a 1951 John Deere Model R owned by J.D. Schmidt (driven by Chavela Montoya); right, a circa 1960 Minneapolis-Moline Model GV1, also owned by J.D. (driven by Vanessa Jimenez).
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Ryan Barton, Mt. Pleasant, Iowa, is committed to continuing a cherished family tradition. His great-grandfather, Charles Fricke, helped found the Midwest Old Threshers Reunion in Mt. Pleasant. Ryan is shown here at the wheel of an 1885 Nichols & Shepard steam engine once owned by his great-grandfather. Current owners are Ryan’s grandparents, Jerry and Sharon Davis. 
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A quintet of McCormick-Deering tractors displayed at the Kansas Chapter 3 International Harvester Collectors state show on July 17. Left to right: Wayne Anderson with Greg Coker’s 1935 WA 40, Richard Runnebaum with Greg Coker’s 1937 W 40, Gary Beers with his 1937 W 40 on steel, Greg Coker with his 1939 W 40 and Dan Kennedy with his 1940 W 40. 
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A handsomely restored Geiser steam engine owned by Bill Swailes, displayed at the Cumberland Valley Antique Engine & Machinery Show.
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The future looks bright for the old iron hobby with the arrival of up-and-coming enthusiasts like these. Cousins Christopher Hembrough (son of Ryan and Becky Hembrough) and Kevin Hembrough (son of Richard and Sheila Hembrough) make a pass at starting gas engines at the Missouri River Valley Steam Engine Assn. show, Boonville, Mo.
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Jerry Corum works on his engine at the Midwest Old Threshers Reunion, Mt. Pleasant, Iowa. 
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A restored 1936 Ford pick-up truck outfitted with “Henry’s Helper” was used to power a vintage Ferguson thresher at the Luxton (B.C.) Fall Fair in late September 2010. Henry’s Helper is a factory-built unit that slides under the truck’s rear axle, transferring power from the rear wheels to the flat belt. “To keep the thresher running at the correct rpm,” says owner Dave Wallace, a member of the Luxton Antique Farm Equipment Club, “I kept the speedometer at 25-30 mph.” The thresher was manufactured in Maxville, Ontario.
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Terry Heeke and his grandson, Gavin Knies, driving Terry’s 1951 John Deere Model A – a family tractor – in the Dubois, Ind., quasquicentennial parade Sept. 6, 2010. Twenty-five years ago, Terry drove the tractor in Dubois’ centennial parade.
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Close-up of Dave Wallace’s 1936 Ford and Henry’s Helper.
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Antique iron against a dramatic backdrop at the Ravalli County (Mont.) Fair in Hamilton. In the foreground, a 1913 hay press. At back, a threshing machine blowing straw while threshing oats. The two relics were part of the Bitterroot Tired Iron Club’s display in early September. The hay press, owned and restored by Darrel Sperry, was demonstrated during the fair. It was the first time the unit had been used in more than 50 years.
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The scene at JD’s Tractor Day, an event organized by old iron enthusiast John Dozibrin, 19, Salem, N.H. John and his parents live in town, but their neighbors allow those who attend the event to park trucks and trailers on their lots. John began his hobby at age 10 with Cub Cadets and garden tractors. His collection today includes two John Deere Model L tractors, a John Deere Model B, Farmall Model H, Farmall Super C, Allis-Chalmers, Ford and others. “At last year’s event, we counted 56 tractors parked around the Dozibrin pool,” says photographer Woody Cone.  
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A 1914 Aultman-Taylor threshing machine in very good original condition, on the job at the 2010 threshing bee, Meadow, S.D.

If given only one word to describe the small mountain of photos submitted for the 2011 Show Photo Issue, you’d have to go short and sweet: fun.

Certainly this year’s crop of photos – the biggest yet – showcases major restoration projects, projects that swallowed up time, money and hard work in insatiable gulps. You don’t see an immaculately restored steam engine or a tractor with sheet metal shining like a mirror without having a keen appreciation for the labor that went into it. Some of it’s fun, to be sure, but a lot of it is just plain old knuckle busting, gut wrenching and curse-inducing work.

But most of these photos are awash in fun: the camaraderie, orneriness, helpfulness, pleasure and surprise that mark every old engine and tractor show. Spend a bit of time with these photos and savor the moment captured: Traditions kept alive, new ones created; friends helping each other, friends admiring projects so recently completed that the paint’s still tacky. Feel the simple pleasure of watching young’ns grab hold of the hobby; the joy in seeing an old timer’s pride.

Need a reminder of what you love about this hobby? These photos should do it. Sit back, relax and enjoy these glimpses of Show Season 2010 captured by some of your friends: Farm Collector readers, having fun! FC

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