Finding a Diamond in the Rough

Reader Contribution by Ralph Hurlbert
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I was very pleased to see the letter to the editor about the old blue, orange and white IHC sign. I have a similar sign. Mine is 14 inches across and is double-sided. It also has about a 10-inch angle on one side finished in white porcelain used to attach the sign to the side of the building so the sign sticks out away from the building. I found mine in the dirt in front of an old IHC dealership when I was cleaning up the property. I was pushing dirt with my crawler tractor and saw it in the dirt. Luckily, I had not damaged it. It is in very nice condition with very bright colors in spite of being buried in the earth for many years.

I greatly enjoy your magazine.

Ralph Hurlbert, Raymond, South Dakota

Editor’s note: Ralph, thanks to you, tractors all across America are now slowing to barely perceptible speeds as the operators scan the dirt for any hint of a treasure buried just beneath the surface. What a great find: Congratulations!

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