Fond Memories of Lundell 2020 Development

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In Sam Moore’s column in the August 2015 issue of Farm Collector, he asked whether anyone had seen a Lundell 2020. At one time, I was very familiar with this project.

Lundell Mfg. Co. was one of several engineering or manufacturing firms I worked for during that era. I was on the team that brought the 2020 into reality. I completed numerous engineering drawings, illustrations and technical artwork for the Lundell 2020, including all drawings in the 2020 parts catalog and operator’s manual, and many of the illustrations that appeared in Sam’s column. I also completed drawings of additional Lundell farm implements. For a time, I was head of that department. This was before computer-aided design. All drawings were completed using conventional drawing instruments. I probably still have many drawings for the 2020 as well as various drawings of other Lundell implements stuffed away somewhere in my files.

The top photo on page 10 shows Vernon Lundell on the 2020. That photo may have been taken at the test farm in Arizona. The gentleman on the 2020 in the larger bottom photograph on that page managed the warehouse. He seemed to always have a fresh, flattop haircut.

During those years, as indicated in Sam’s article, Lundell Mfg. Co. produced a variety of various farm implements. These implements all did a very respectable job for what they were designed to accomplish, and at a reasonable price. Vernon longed to have a tractor to go along with the Lundell line of farm equipment. Thus, the Lundell 2020. Many of us labored long and hard to make the Lundell become a reality. It seemed that the hope was to revolutionize the farm tractor industry. If I remember correctly, the Lundell 2020 went into production during the summer or fall of 1967. I think only a few were produced, probably for the reasons listed in Sam’s column.

As the grass was greener elsewhere, I moved on from Lundell Mfg. Traveling on Highway 30 in eastern Iowa on a Sunday afternoon sometime during the 1970s, I saw a 2020 sitting front and center on a farm equipment dealer’s lot. I stopped to look it over for old time’s sake. The days of developing the 2020 were long gone. It was truly the best of times, and it was great to be part of it all.

It appears that the current John Deere 4990 windrower may have some of the features of the Lundell 2020.

The worth of the 2020 project would be difficult to calculate. The experience gained proved invaluable: for numerous years, I taught or managed college-level curriculums that were ultimately based on experience gained while working during that era, especially on the 2020 and similar projects. Many graduates of programs I was associated with went on to work for major equipment manufacturers or other engineering industries.

It is great to see the Lundell 2020 gain some attention and appreciation. Thanks for bringing it all to life.

Jerry Murphy via email

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