Looking for Leads on Midland Co.

Reader Contribution by Farm Collector

Weicht is looking for more information on the Midland Co., which manufactured
garden tractors for Montgomery Ward.

I have several 2- and
4-wheel garden tractors made by Midland Co., South Milwaukee, Wis.
I have also purchased advertisements for these tractors that state, “The
Midland Co. has been manufacturing equipment
for the farm and garden since 1911.” I have searched all material available to
me for other equipment made by this company, but so far I have found nothing
but garden tractors made by Midland
and sold by Montgomery Ward. I am interested in hearing from other readers of Farm
who know anything about other Midland

Mike Weicht, 2684 S. 800W., Swayzee, IN 46986; (765) 922-7484

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