Looking for Lead on Myers Pump

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We recently purchased an old
Myers pump. My husband is going to mount it atop our well to look like it would
be pumping water, but it will be strictly decorative. In looking at it, we can
see a bit of the information on it and would like to find out more of the
history of the pump. The castings are not clear but we think they are:

Myers Glass Valve 944 AUG 7

1039, 1050 The Myers, 1257,

While we were paying for the
pump, a man was looking at it to buy it, not knowing we had just paid for it.
He said that it was a Myers, it was old, and it was a great pump in its day.
That’s what encouraged us to try to find out more of the history. If anyone has
any information, we would greatly appreciate hearing it.

Chris and Sue Guenther,

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