Rosenthal/Frick Connection?

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After reading Bill Vossler’s article on the Rosenthal husker/shredder (Farm Collector, May 2011), I thought I should send a photo of the one I bought in 2005 at an Amish farm sale in Dover, Del.

It has four husking rolls and works well. “Rosenthal” is painted on the top of the ear corn elevator, but there is a decal on the back from Frick Co., Waynesboro, Pa. There’s no model number, just a serial number (19879). What was the connection between Rosenthal of Milwaukee, Wis., and Frick of Waynesboro, Pa.?

The photo above is of a Cobey wagon gear. The plate on the back reads “Cobey Hi Speed Wagon Gears/Series 1WI #425/product of Perfection Steel Body Co., Galion, Ohio, USA.” I cannot find a speck of paint on it. Do any readers know what color they were painted at the factory?

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