Peter Henderson Co. Self-Cleaning Lawn Rake

Reader Contribution by Farm Collector Staff
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The double rake shown in What’s the Purpose of this Unusual Rake?, from the January 2014 issue of Farm Collector is a self-cleaning lawn rake. Not a garden rake; they are usually metal toothed. When it is pulled backward the back set of teeth clean the front set so the operator never needs to stop raking to clean the rake. It was offered in 26-, 38- and 52-tooth rakes for 90 cents, $1 and $2, respectively. It is listed in the 1898 Peter Henderson Co. catalog of tools and implements for the garden, farm, greenhouse, lawn, orchard, poultry yard, stable and household.

George Wanamaker, Macomb, Ill.

Editor’s note: Keith Moe of Iowa also correctly identified the rake.

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