Mystery Solved! April 2012 Mystery Tool Answers

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April 2012 Mystery Tool A

Hoop dog (also known as hoop lifter or lever hook), used as a lever to loosen a barrel’s chime hoop. Also used to press a bulged stave into place for starting the chime hoop over the end of the barrel. Photo submitted by Jim Glascock, Cedar Grove, Ind.

April 2012 Mystery Tool B

Tire tool, used to spread a tire to vulcanize a patch on the interior. Photo submitted by Richard Bader, Middletown, N.Y. See patent no. 1,946,912.

Apirl 2012 Mystery Tool C

Soap shaker, used to make suds in water by dissolving soft, granulated or powdered soap. Photo submitted by Paul Gammill, Lerna, Ill. See patent no. 1,152,819 for a similar piece.

April 2012 Mystery Tool D

Homemade device likely designed to use in stripped seeds from broomcorn. Photo submitted by Clarence Gibbs, Inman, S.C.

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