Mystery Solved! April 2013 Mystery Tool Answers

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April 2013 Mystery Tool A

Weeding and pruning instrument, designed to cut when swung in either direction. Photo submitted by Steve Lyons.

April 2013 Mystery Tool B

Jig saw to be operated with an electric drill. Photo submitted by Burton Meier Jr.

April 2013 Mystery Tool C

Milk can handle. Photo submitted by Edward Borwick. See patent 65,828.

April 2013 Mystery Tool D

No definitive answer. Possible answers include a pressure gauge calibrator (possibly a Crosby Steam Gage & Valve Co. type). Could also be a kerosene fuel control for a railroad heater or a “Dead weight tester” used to test and calibrate liquid gauges and transmitters such as oil pressure instruments. Photo submitted by Louis Pline.

April 2013 Mystery Tool E

No definitie answer, but may be a horse-drawn wagon or buggy wheel nut wrench, or a combination open end wrench made by a blacksmith. Photo submitted by Louis Pline.

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