Mystery Solved! August 2011 Mystery Tool Answers

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August 2011 Item A

Unknown. Three readers took a stab at it, but we’ve been unable to substantiate any of their theories. Al Wheeler, Yorkville, Ill., and Dale Marshall, Holt, Mich., speculate that the contraption was used to hold gunny sacks open while filling. Dallas Dreger, Lang, Saskatchewan, Canada, says he’s seen a similar device used to drag hog carcasses in to cool. Photo submitted by Clarence Gibbs, Inman, S.C.

August 2011 Item B

Unknown; may have been a device designed to hold a fishhook while tying flies. Photo submitted by Henry Beckman, Loretta, Tenn.

August 2011 Item C

Standard or stake from wagon bolster. A ring is missing from what would be the top hole when the piece is upright. See patents 1,061,224 and 832,008 for similar devices. Photo submitted by Jesse Edwards, Mexico, Mo.

August 2011 Item D

Appears to be a home-built can opener designed to open round cans in two sizes. Identified by George Wanamaker, Macomb, Ill. Photo submitted by Lew Payne, Remsen, N.Y.

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