Mystery Solved! December 2013 Mystery Tool Answers

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December 2013 Mystery Tool A

Potato pick or spike, one of eight typically found on a potato planter. Identified by Von Edwards, Roosevelt, Utah; Jerry Anderson, Waller, Texas; and Dennis Kalbfliesh, Middleport, N.Y., who says, “this is a mechanical finger. It pokes and holds seed potato in place until desired time to drop in planting tube or chute.” Photo submitted by David Ruark, Pomeroy, Wash.

December 2013 Mystery Tool B

Pullman railroad car window lifter/jack. Used by porters when freeing stuck windows or lifting closed windows. Photo submitted by Don Schroeder, Berger, Mo.

December 2013 Mystery Tool C

Unidentified. Photo submitted by Rob Taylor via email.

December 2013 Mystery Tool D and E

Arch support adjuster for footwear. Photo submitted by Don Weber, Portland, Ore. See patent 998,225 for a similar piece.

Hand fence machine used in building picket fences. Photo submitted by Maurice Buening, Greensburg, Ind. See patent 472,167 for a similar piece.

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