Mystery Solved: December 2014 Mystery Tool Answers

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December 2014 Mystery Tool A

A. No definitive answer but this item appears to be a tool used to repair tire chains. Identified by Harry Jones, Brookings, South Dakota; Wendell H. Starkebaum, Higginsville, Missouri; Gary Studebaker, Larwill, Indiana; Bill Reed, Dover, New Hampshire; and Richard Bader, Middletown, New York. Photo submitted by Steve Sylvester, Centuria, Wisconsin.

December 2014 Mystery Tool B

A. Quick-hitch clevis used on a 2-by-4-foot or similar size on a drag harrow or similar implement. Identified by Gary Studebaker; Wendell H. Starkebaum; John Seibert, Fountain, Minnesota; Raymond Wickham, Dumont, Iowa; Ernest W. Richey, Marion, Indiana; and Maynard W. Hartke, Litchfield, Illinois. Photo submitted by Steve Sylvester, Centuria, Wisconsin.

December 2014 Mystery Tool C

A. Dillon fence stretcher. Identified by James Main, Holden, Missouri; Larry Ruebush, Good Hope, Illinois; Wendell H. Starkebaum; Gary Studebaker; John Seibert; Dennis Jeske, Hanska, Minnesota; John Ernst, Iowa City, Iowa; Ernest W. Richey, Marion, Indiana; Richard Bader; Gerald Foskitt, Rock Falls, Illinois; and Lisa Rhodes, Blountstown, Florida. See patent 808,023. Photo submitted by Melvin Brus, Walcott, Iowa.

Patent no. 808,023: Wire fence stretcher. Patent granted to Washington M. Dillon, Sterling, Ill.

December 2014 Mystery Tool D

A. Plow clevis typical of those used on many one-bottom walking plows. Identified by Lowell Wessel, Brownstown, Indiana; Gilbert Modlin, Sunbury, North Carolina; Wendell H. Starkebaum; Darrell Creek, New Harmony, Indiana; John Davis, Stoneboro, Pennsylvania; Gary Studebaker; Scott Monell, Crawford, Texas; Doug and Margaret Cairns; Gene Berliner, Whitehouse, New Jersey; P.T. Rathbone, Marsing, Idaho; Ernest W. Richey, Marion, Indiana; Richard Bader; Frank E. Allard, Paradise, Pennsylvania; Harvey Campbell, York, Pennsylvania; Erwin L. Fullerton, Woodstock, Vermont; LeRoy Rich, Lewisville, Indiana; Ronald Young, Madison, Indiana; and Lisa Rhodes.

From Scott Monell: “The pin doubles as a wrench for the plow. High position draws plow deeper, low is higher. I have a similar one hanging from one of the custom metal shelf brackets in my office. The remains of an adjustable Coe (or similar) wrench were found recently on what once was the farm of Oscar Cox in Joes, Colorado. One of his seven children (one of whom is my mother-in-law) probably lost it for him 60 or so years ago!” See patent 624,548 for a similar piece. Photo submitted by Tim Smith, Alexandria, Alabama.

Patent no. 624,548: Plow clevis with wrench. Patent granted to Benjamin F. Russell, New Site, Ala., May 9, 1899.

December 2014 Mystery Tool E

A. Unidentified. Wendell H. Starkebaum believes it to be a fish trap. Photo submitted by Mary Ann Hardy, Nanoose Bay, British Columbia.

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