Mystery Solved February 2014 Mystery Tool Answers

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February 2014 Mystery Tools A

Unidentified. Photo submitted by Ernie Waldner, Raymond, S.D.

February 2014 Mystery Tools B

Splitter (also called a “cooper’s splitter”). A very heavy tool used to split small saplings into three pieces subsequently used to make hoops for buckets, barrels or stave-constructed containers. Photo submitted by David Martin, Wooster, Ohio.

February 2014 Mystery Tool C

Fence twisting tool used with wire-fence machines. Identified by Marshall Davis, Frederick, Md. See patent 582,370 for a similar piece. Photo submitted by Henry Beckman, Loretto, Tenn.

February 2014 Mystery Tool D

Bottle capper and cork presser. See patent 602,836 for a similar piece. Photo submitted by Howard Hemminger, Geneva, N.Y.

February 2014 Mystery Tool E

Saw set. Identified by Vernon Peterson, Minneapolis. See patent 143,598 for a similar piece. Photo submitted by Hank Padgham, Benicia, Calif.

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