Mystery Solved! January 2014 Mystery Tool Answers

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By Farm Collector Staff

January 2014 Mystery Tools A and B

Unidentified. Photo submitted by Mike Intlekofer, Bellevue, Wash.

Unidentified. Photo submitted by Nate Grossman via email.

January 2014 Mystery Tool C

Wire stretcher used in construction of wire fences. Identified by Don Schroeder, Berger, Mo.; Orin Lamport, Fittstown, Okla.; Bob Spencer, Stanton, Iowa; B.Z. Cashman, Blue Ridge, Ga.; Fred Potter, Troupsburg, N.Y.; George Wanamaker, Macomb, Ill.; Stephen Clemens, Mazeppa, Minn.; Loren Etter, Mora, Minn.; Jack Kalp, Acme, Pa.; Janice Jollimore; Maurice Buening, Greensburg, Ind.; and Randy Raschein, who says that, “the cable and grabber are missing, but it looks to be in fine shape. These stretchers are very handy, light enough to carry in saddlebags and strong enough to stretch any barb wire. They work much better than anything built today.” Photo submitted by Colan Coody, Lake Butler, Fla. See patent 243,764.

January 2014 Mystery Tool D

Universal tool, used as a trivet, pan lifter, hot plate lifter, ash can lifter, stove lid lifter, meat tenderizer, pot lifter and more. Identified by Don Schroeder, Patsy Carter, Greenwood, Del.; Bob Spencer; Loren Etter; David Pabst, Colby, Kan.; Orin Lamport; B.Z. Cashman; George Wanamaker. Photo submitted by Scott Denman via email. See patent 241,893.

January 2014 Mystery Tool E

Unidentified. Possibly used to decorate citrus fruit or other fruit or vegetables. Photo submitted by Natchez National Historical Park, Natchez, Miss.

Published on Feb 19, 2014

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