Mystery Solved! July 2011 Mystery Tool Answers

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July 2011 Item A

Tubing tongs used to tighten or loosen the screw connecting joints for the oil well tubing. Photo submitted by Ralph Look, Wichita, Kan. Thanks to John Larrabee, Robinson Ill., and the Illinois Oil Field Museum, Oblong, Ill., for providing identification of this item. See patent 1,341,147 for a similar device.

July 2011 Item B

Device for applying belt fasteners or hooks, used to connect the two ends of belt material to make a continuous belt. Photo submitted by Gerald Gergory, Lincolnshire, U.K. See patent 1,550,788.

July 2011 Item C

Tool for tying wire ties around reinforcing rods to hold them in place. Photo submitted by Tom Gerow Jr., Cary, N.C. See patent 1,365,649.

July 2011 Item D

Wire spool. Photo submitted by Robert Efird, Houston, Texas.

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