Mystery Solved! July 2012 Mystery Tool Answers

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July 2012 Mystery Tool A

We have no definitive answer for this item. One reader suggests that this is part of a portable weighing system used on the farm. A weight would hang from the eye on the right, and a container hanging from the hook on the left would hold a quantity of the item to be measured. The device would be useful when a specific amount of a commodity such as feed was needed. Photo submitted by Lawrence Kent, Jasper, N.Y.

July 2012 Mystery Tool B

Unidentified. Photo submitted by Elias Nyberg, Stow, Mass.

July 2012 Mystery Tool C

Hook used to pull thread through the heddle on a weaving loom. Photo submitted by Renee Frantzen.

July 2012 Mystery Tool D

Pliers used for assembling radius rod rubber insurlator on Fords. Photo submitted by Don Schroeder, Berger, Mo.

July 2012 Mystery Tool E

Pencil sharpener. See patent 304,371. Photo submitted by Frank Brcka, Plymouth, Iowa.

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