Mystery Solved! July 2013 Mystery Tool Answers

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July 2013 Mystery Tool A

Unidentified, but one reader believes it to be a device to lead a bull or hog by the nose. Photo submitted by Wilbur Kaufman, Phoenix, Ariz.

July 2013 Mystery Tool B

Window frame bracket. Photo submitted by Erwin Fullerton, S. Woodstock, Vt. See patent 617,164.

Editor’s note: Despite the difference between the patent illustration and the photo, the patentee and patent date are a perfect match. Design changes were a regular part of the process between patent drawing and production.

July 2013 Mystery Tool C

Can opener/knife sharpener. Photo submitted by Jon Howard. See patent 1,770,418.

July 2013 Mystery Tool D

Unidentified. Photo submitted by Mike Intlekofer, Bellevue, Wash.

July 2013 Mystery Tool E

Bottle opener/corkscrew/muddler (the corkscrew is hidden inside the handle). Photo submitted by Mike Intlekofer, Bellevue, Wash.

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