Mystery Solved! June 2011 Mystery Tool Answers

Reader Contribution by Farm Collector
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June 2011 Item A

Marble shooter, identified by Frank Tolford, Evanston, Ill., and Warren Fick, Durant, Iowa. Photo submitted by Joe Greiwe, Batesville, Ind. See patent 819, 891 for a similar device.

June 2011 Item B

Body shop tool, identified by William Weiss, West Haven, Ct.; Nick Jonkman, Wyoming, Ontario; Larry Ruebush, Good Hope, Ill.; and Ronald Young, Madison, Ind. Photo submitted by Bob Crowell, Batesville, Ind. See patent 2,352,009 for a similar device.

June 2011 Item C

Adjustable door vise, identified by Frank Scheibert, Middletown, Ohio; Jim Kelp, Nashville, Ind.; and Donald E. King, Home, Pa. Photo submitted by Stephen Mead, Kearney, Neb. See patent 973,942 for a similar device.

June 2011 Item D

Offset hinges, for use on gable hay doors on barns, identified by Mil Harr, Centennial, Colo.; Bill Thomas, Silverwood, Mich.; Earl Hepworth; Donald Labrune, Holland, Minn.; Alvin Weber, Sigourney, Iowa; and Jerry Kamp, Wooster, Ohio. Photo submitted by Jim Couchman, Medford, Okla.

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