Mystery Solved! March 2013 Mystery Tool Answers

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March 2013 Mystery Tool A

Semi-automatic drill drift. Photo submitted by B.C. Farm Machinery and Agricultural Museum Assn., Fort Langley, British Columbia, Canada.

March 2013 Mystery Tool B

Unidentified. Might be the frame for the spinner head on a flax spinning wheel. Photo submitted by Joe Gelormini.

March 2013 Mystery Tool C

Cutter end from a feed cutter; the part remaining after wood parts deteriorated or burned (portions of two knives from the cylinder-type cutter are visible in this photo). See a similar cutter cylinder in patent 234,183. Photo submitted by James Mazzocco, Portland, Ore.

March 2013 Mystery Tool D

Dough forming machine. See patent 1,424,806. Photo submitted by Rick Stone, Gray Summit, Mo.

March 2013 Mystery Tool E

Unidentified. Photo submitted by Fran and Barb Jones, Wilmington, Ohio.

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