Mystery Solved! May 2011 Mystery Tool Answers

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May 2011 Item A

Hub and spokes from a ground-driving wheel for manure spreaders and other implements, identified by John S. Rauth, Ridgely, Md. Photo submitted by Wayne Hanson, Salina, Kan.

May 2011 Item B

Animal marker, as identified by Gary Drentlaw, Northfield, Minn. Photo submitted by Robert W. Winzer, Atchison, Kan.

May 2011 Item C

Hand-made tool used to pull weeds like thistles. Long handles allowed the user to reach to the stalk just above the ground surface, allowing the operator to stand clear of the thistles’ needles. Overall length of this tool is 52 inches. Photo submitted by Herve Defever, Corunna, Mich.

May 2011 Item D

Dough-forming machine, identified by John S. Rauth. Photo submitted by Erwin L. Fullerton, S. Woodstock, Vt. See patent 1,424,806 for a similar device.

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