Mystery Solved! May 2013 Mystery Tool Answers

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May 2013 Mystery Tool A

No definitive answer. Some readers believe it to be part of a team harness. Photo submitted by Doyal and Alice Bell, Colfax, Ind.

May 2013 Mystery Tool B

Ditching spade, designed to be light yet strong, enter the soil easily and shed soil and water easily. Photo submitted by Clarence Gibbs, Inman, S.C. See parent 809,807 for a similar piece.

May 2013 Mystery Tool C

Fence-making tool. Photo submitted by Eugene Frey, Upper Sandusky, Ohio. See patent 641,349 for a similar device.

May 2013 Mystery Tool D

No definitive answer. Possibly a dolly for moving wet tile curing tables. Photo submitted by John Orton, Hawarden, Iowa.

May 2013 Mystery Tool E

No definitive answer. Possibly used in a buttermilk or whey tank. Or a hand-operated agitator for containers used to hold fresh milk. Photo submitted by Gary Holowis, Chester Springs, Pa.

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