Mystery Solved May 2014 Mystery Tool Answers

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April 2014 Mystery Tool A

Apparatus for use in repairing commutators, used in connection with the overhaul and repair of direct current and universal motors and generators. In such undertakings, it was generally necessary to resurface the device’s commutator. Identified by Gerald Sundberg, Deluth, Minn. See patent no. 2,170,389. Photo submitted by Dale Will, Caro, Mich.

April 2014 Mystery Tool B

Unidentified. Photo submitted by Don Schroeder, Berger, Mo.

April 2014 Mystery Tool C

Saw jointer used to level the teeth on large saws to make them all the same length. Identified by Dale Halonie, Webster, Wis.; H.W. Kemp; Norval Utemark, West Point, Neb.; Roger B. Frey, Hampden, Maine. See patent no. 444,848 for a similar piece. Photo submitted by Mike and Judy Penley, Sedalia, Colo.

April 2014 Mystery Tool D

Potato cutter. From the patent description: “The invention relates to vegetable cutting machines, and more particularly to a novel, inexpensively constructed machine for slicing potatoes in preparation for cooking and serving them in a style and form commonly referred to as ‘French fried potatoes.’” Identified by Jack Kalp, Acme, Pa.; Richard Heil, Louisville, Ky.; Glenn Brendle, Gap, Pa.; Jim Couchman, Medford, Okla.; William Evans, St. Joseph, Mo.; Errol D. Gelhaar, Franksville,Wis.; Wayne Rowell, Wilmington, Vt.; John Seibert, Fountain, Minn.; Terry Schmidt; H.W. Kemp; Jill Mayes, Mackinaw, Ill.; Dale Halonie; Roger B. Frey. See patent no. 2,497,289 for a similar piece. Photo submitted by Leon Janzen, Ellsworth, Kan.

April 2014 Mystery Tool E

Unidentified. Photo submitted by Jake Ferrari, Newry, Pa.

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