Mystery Solved: May 2016 Mystery Tool Answers

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May 2016 Mystery Tool A

Myers hay tool used with a sling and hay carrier. Identified by Cathy McKinley, Quincy, Ill.; Mark Williams, Pandora, Ohio; Robert Scholz, Elmo, Mo.; Arlan J. Miller, Lincoln, Neb.; and David Ruark, Pomeroy, Wash. See patent 739,901. Photo submitted by Phil Gent, Jackson County, Iowa, Historical Society.

Patent no. 739,901: Hay tool. Patent granted to Philip A. Myers, Ashland, Ohio, assignor to F.E. Myers & Bro., Ashland, Ohio, Sept. 29, 1903.

May 2016 Mystery Tool B

Bridle bit (also known as the Acme driving bit and Success driving bit). Identified by Debby Baldwin, Salt Point, N.Y.; Cathy McKinley; Lyle Olson, Faribault, Minn.; Alan Sorensen, Yankton, S.D.; Robert Scholz; Lloyd Florence, Council Grove, Kan.; Maurice Lange, Hallam, Neb.; Matt Ebert, O’Fallon, Ill.; Jim Bolt, Corsica, S.D.; David Ruark; Dean Delavan, Cincinnatus, N.Y.; Dale Kincaid, Newman, Ill.; Gordie Scarborough, Grand Island, Neb.; George A. Reed, Louisburg, Kan.; Wayne Blair, Geddes, S.D.; Frank E. Allard, Paradise, Pa.; James A. Granzow, Hubbard, Iowa; Donald E. McBride, Bedford, Ind.; Ronald Young, Madison, Ind.; Wayne Cooper, Fombell, Pa.; Elmer A. Hanson, Brooks, Minn.; Jane Krambeer, Cardwell, Mont.; Darrell Creek, New Harmony, Ind.; Fred Yutzy, Vermontville, Mich.; Earl Meyer, Lincoln, Mo.; Leo J.Wink, Espanola, N.M.; Glenn Stockwell, Riley, Kan.; and Glen Fry, Topeka, Ind. See patent 422,469. Photo submitted by Duane Craig, Butler, Mo.

Patent no. 422,469: Bridle bit. Patent granted to Henry Van Arsdale, Racine, Wisconsin, March 4, 1890.

May 2016 Mystery Tool C

Ends for singletrees, often called singletree hooks. Identified by Debby Baldwin, Ralph R. Look, Wichita, Kan.; Ken Rau, Altamont, N.Y.; Howard Olson, Pigeon Falls, Wis.; Cathy McKinley; Lyle Olson; Russell Wyatt, Hot Springs, S.D.; Alan Sorensen; Robert Scholz; Richard Hines, South Charleston, Ohio; Lloyd Florence; Maurice Lange; William Evans, St. Joseph, Mo.; Matt Ebert; Charles Asmussen, Trappe, Md.; Jim Bolt; Dean Delavan; George A. Reed; Stanley Deisemann, Shartlesville, Pa.; Frank E. Allard; James A. Granzow; Marlin Smith, Kensington, Kan.; Donald E. McBride; Jerome Mueller, West Bend, Wis.; Ronald Young; Dennis Egdorf, Boyden, Iowa; Richard Allspach, Baxter, Iowa; Daniel Herschberger, La Grange, Ind.; Wayne Cooper; Elmer A. Hanson; Henry Wischmeier, Columbus, Ind.; Merl Callenius, Sheldon, Iowa; Alan Duffield, Browns Valley, Minn.; Darrell Creek; Willard Ottman, Lemmon, S.D.; Jim Glascock, Cedar Grove, Ind.; Fred Yutzy; Marlin O. Herbst, Merrill, Iowa; Leo J. Wink; Delbert Meyer via email; Wayne Blair; Harry Bartosch, Schulenburg, Texas; Glenn Stockwell and Glen Fry. See patent 162,629. Photo submitted by Martha Smith via email.

Patent no. 162,629: Singletree hook and clip. Patent granted to Marshall S. Curtis, Earlville, Illinois, assignor of one-half, his right to William Wilson, of same place, April 27, 1875.

May 2016 Mystery Tool D

Windmill regulator automating pumping process to create a constant water supply. Identified by Ralph R. Look; Cathy McKinley; Dave Kuipers, Arlington, S.D.; Robert Scholz; Lloyd Florence; Gene Hoenig, Gainesville, Texas; Maurice Lange; William Evans; Jim Bolt; Jim Heder, Alma, Kan.; Gordon Jondle, Fort Dodge, Iowa; Dean Delavan; Gordie Scarborough; Paul Ryberg, Cambridge, Minn. (who notes that during his boyhood on the farm, it was his job to pump water to use to cool cans of milk. “I had to pump by hand if the wind did not blow,” he recalls.); Gary L. Kleppe, Monroe, Wis.; George A. Reed; Wayne Blair; James A. Granzow, Marlin Smith, Wayne Weishaar, Lemmon, S.D.; Jane Krambeer, Richard Allspach; Alan Duffield; Darrell Creek; Fred Yutzy; Martin Mazourek, Yankton, S.D.; Leo J. Wink; Harry Bartosch; Glenn Stockwell; and Greg Toomer, Early, Iowa. Photo submitted by Willie Bontrager, LaRue, Ohio.

May 2016 Mystery Tool E

Appears to be a shop-made drawknife missing handles. Photo submitted by Robert Wittersheim, Saline, Mich.

May 2016 Mystery Tool F

Unidentified. Photo submitted by Erwin Fullerton, S. Woodstock, Vt.

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