Mystery Solved: October 2015 Mystery Tool Answers

Reader Contribution by The Farm Collector Staff
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October 2015 Mystery Tool A

Fencing tool, possibly designed to be compact enough to be carried in a saddlebag. Small crank may have been used as a hammer and staple puller. Identified by Robert Scholz, Elmo, Missouri; and Dick Kates, Oakland, Iowa. Photo submitted by Steve Sylvester, Centuria, Wisconsin.

October 2015 Mystery Tool B

Stanley No. 59 doweling jig, used when boring dowel holes in the edge, end or surface of work. Identified by Jerry Estes; Ernest Launer, Virginia, Illinois; Brian Wolf, Canandaigua, New York; Jerry Hildebrandt, Faribault, Minnesota; Al Jeske, Browerville, Minnesota; Jerry Friesner, Cullowhee, North Carolina; Virgil Pilcher, Waseca, Minnesota; Craig Watters, Columbia City, Indiana; Jerry Deal, Wheelock, Texas; and Dick Kates. “The jig is an important tool for woodworkers,” Jerry Hildebrandt says. “It allows the woodworker to bore dowel holes in the edge, end or surface of wood. It is used for miter and corner joints as well as assembling multiple pieces of wood to create a larger piece. The jig is clamped to the woodwork in the correct position and the bit will be guided straight and at the right angles each time.” Photo submitted by Marvin Knoop, Shell Lake, Wisconsin.

October 2015 Mystery Tool C

Unidentified. Photo submitted by Al Fulgenti, Kinde, Michigan.

October 2015 Mystery Tool D

Cider mill crusher and grinder used to reduce apples into chunks (wooden hopper, flywheel and drive wheel are missing). Identified by Monroe Ropp, Kalona, Iowa; Jim Cornell, Bedford, Pennsylvania; and Jim Palmberg, Topeka, Kansas. “This is a part from a cider press manufactured by Keystone Mfg. Co., Sterling, Illinois,” Jim Palmberg says.  “Keystone also made side delivery rakes, hay tedders, mowers and hay loaders. Keystone became a part of International Harvester in 1904. I am currently restoring a Keystone cider press. The hopper fits on top of the part shown in this photo.” Photo submitted by Eric Bracher, Saratoga, California. See patent no. 149,214.

Patent no. 149,214: Cider mill. Patent awarded to Thomas A. Galt and George S. Tracy, Sterling, Ill., March 31, 1874.

October 2015 Mystery Tool E

UNEEDME tool used to remove and replace tires. Identified by Jim Wuertz, Bloomington, Minnesota; Harlen Northup, Keosauqua, Iowa; Jerry Deal; Norman Kaiser, Massena, Iowa; and Dick Kates. Photo submitted by Gerald Vering, Howells, Nebraska.

October 2015 Mystery Tool F

Likely a fence tool used to remove slack from sagging wire fence. Photo submitted by Raymond Fenley, Copper Canyon, Texas.

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