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From American Thresherman and Farm Power magazine

Of all the products that ever stood on their own merits, a home water system would seem worthy of the top spot on the list. But the F.E. Myers & Bro. company took no chances, promoting its country home water system as the “Myers Faucet Club” – “a home organization to relieve the entire family of water drudgery.”

“Seemingly someone was carrying water all the while,” advertisements claimed, “and still the buckets were never full. Naturally discontent arose.”

Myers to the rescue! Employing the Myers hydro-pneumatic pump and pressure tanks, rural homeowners could enjoy the benefits of plumbing and running water, and elimination of what this advertisement refers to as “the ghost of the household”: an unfilled water bucket. The versatile system could be used in varied sizes in hand, windmill or power applications for everything from residential use to hotels and resorts.

Published in a June 1915 issue of American Thresherman and Farm Power magazine, this advertisement is a sign of things to come. By the mid-1940s, Myers had largely exited the hay tool business to focus heavily on water systems. FC

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