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Leslie C. McDanielLeslie C. McDaniel

As opportunity allows, we’ve enjoyed introducing new writers to these pages, giving you different perspectives on this hobby. One that we’re introducing in this issue will quickly become a regular, and that is Terry Welch, the new editor of Farm Collector.

Terry (no relation to the publisher) has a diverse background that includes work as a journalist with the U.S. Army and Navy. He’s worked in print, radio and broadcast, with bylines that ranged from Iceland to Bosnia to Manhattan, Kansas.

Right now, he’s learning the lay of the land in this office, but before long his ports of call will include familiar Farm Collector haunts like Portland, Mt. Pleasant and Canandaigua. He’s itching for show season to start, and I’m sure you’ll have opportunity to meet him before long.

As editor of Farm Collector, Terry will be your primary contact, and he’ll be the one handling day-to-day operations. Although I’ll still oversee Farm Collector, Terry’s arrival will free me up to work on other projects here, most notably the launch of a new publication, John Deere TRADITION.

Maybe having an extra set of hands will free up my schedule enough that I can even make some progress on that hay carrier I bought, uh, some time ago. Following the example set by many of you, I’ve been careful not to rush into restoration. I’ve spent lots of time considering which is preferable: preserved in its rusty state, or prettied up with bright colors. I’ve thought a lot about what colors I’d choose if I painted; I’ve meditated over the simple dignity of rust. I’ve thought about sealers, sandblasting, sanding … shoot, I’ve plumb worn myself out just THINKING about that hay carrier. I don’t know how those of you with 70 tractors or plows or engines get any sleep at all!

I’ll still get around to shows here and there, and will continue to do a bit of writing for Farm Collector, so I’ll be seeing you around. In the meantime, I know you’ll enjoy getting acquainted with Terry.

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