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Nancy SmithNancy Smith

With this issue, I officially pass the Farm Collector editor’s hat to Jason B. Harmon. As I write this, he already has moved into my old seat and begun work on the next issue of the magazine.

You’ll still see my byline every now and then, though, for I’ve more stories to write for you, but Jason has come onboard to steer this old-iron ‘ship.’

The only constant truly is change, as any farmer knows, and change can be very energizing.

Besides, I’m just moving a stone’s throw – literally – from my old Farm Collector desk. I’ve taken an associate editor’s post at Mother Earth News, which also has editorial offices here in Ogden Publications’ Topeka, Kan., facility. And I expect to be working with stories about farm machinery too, just from more of a consumer’s perspective than a collector’s.

It has been my pleasure to help chronicle in Farm Collector some of your efforts to save and preserve the old machinery. I appreciate the historic value of this agricultural equipment, and I understand the heart-felt commitment so many of you feel to it. There is much happening in this arena, and many more stories to write. Jason will bring his own fresh perspective and enthusiasm to the post as he continues this reporting and editing work.

I won’t steal his opening column by telling you about his background here, but I did want to introduce him, so to speak, to you all.

I also wanted to say ‘thank you’ one last time. Your help through the past year has been much appreciated. Whether you slipped a note of direction into your subscription renewal or telephoned with your thoughts on a particular subject, or assisted me with a story in any way, you have collectively and individually been a blessing to me and an important contributor to the magazine.

Jason will need your input and support, too, as he begins his editorial journey into your lives. I know you will be there for him, just as you were for me. Happy reading, and take care.

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