Iron Age Ads

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Prices from decades long past seem charmingly low. But even
then, consumers kept a close eye on the bottom line, and bemoaned
the high cost of living. Accordingly, in 1917, when this
advertisement was published, the Sandusky Model J tractor (see
article on Page 44) was conceived and developed according to price
point, with a sales price of $1,095. Today, adjusted for inflation,
the tractor would sell for $16,169.07!

The folks at the Aermotor marketing department (for an article
on Aermotor gas engines, turn to page 38) were equally preoccupied
with price point, as indicated in the ad for the Aermotor saw with
steel frame. “Price – Very low” was all the copywriters had to
offer to the discriminating shopper.

Advertisements from many farm publications printed at the
turn of the 20th century were more than mere methods to hawk
tractors and farm equipment. To share those ads from days gone by,
Farm Collector periodically reproduces some of the
most-spectacular ads used to promote farm equipment and

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