Promoting a New Company: J.I. Case Plow Works

Check out this chromolithograph advertisement for the J.I. Case Plow Works.

By Staff
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This chromolithograph dates to the earliest days of the Case organization, before the company became known as J.I. Case Plow Works. Jerome Increase Case launched the company in 1876 as Case Whiting Co. Ebenezer G. Whiting had developed a center draft plow and J.I. Case provided financing for the venture. In 1878, the company was renamed J.I. Case Plow Co. In 1884 it was renamed again, as J.I. Case Plow Works.

Case withdrew from management of J.I. Case Plow Works and named his son, Jackson I. Case, as president. The elder Case died in 1891. In 1927 the J.I. Case Plow Co. was sold to Massey-Harris Co., Toronto, Ontario, Canada. That company sold the J.I. Case name to the J.I. Case Threshing Machine Co., which, in 1928, changed its corporate name to J.I. Case Co. FC

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