Does Anyone Recognize this Relic?

Test your knowledge of farm equipment and help identify this mysterious relic!

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Bill Dornfeld

I live in Ridgefield, Connecticut, and for the past 36 years this farm implement has been partially buried next to one of our stone walls. I finally dug the thing up. I would love to know what it is/was. My best guess is that maybe it was used to drag logs, but it probably wouldn’t have needed the adjustable lever for that. Some missing wood members would have been connected where the bolts stick out.

Bill Dornfeld, Ridgefield, Connecticut; email:

Editor’s note: Our expert took a look and thinks it might be a one-row corn cultivator, but that does not explain the long steel rods on the piece. Readers?

Reader makes a positive identification of American harrow

Bill Dornfeld’s artifact featured on Page 5 of the June 2021 issue of Farm Collector is the remains of an American harrow. I am including pictures of one in my collection. I have one suspended from the ceiling of my barn.

The American harrow was a field harrow, a cultivator with a center gang removed. Both outside gangs have foot stirrups for control and could be used as a grain drill. The seat was quite unusual but was in no way comfortable.

Bill Wilkins, Charleston, Maine

Editor’s note: Many thanks to Bill, who went to the trouble of moving several pieces in his barn to gain access to this one.

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