New York State Two-Cylinder Expo 2011

Reader Contribution by Terri Keitel
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Fade to Green … It’s the 10th bi-annual show for the New York State Two-Cylinder Expo Assn. in Canandaigua, New York. In the Finger Lakes area, the surroundings and weather are usually very accommodating. As you pull into the parking area, you are greeted by officers on horseback directing you to your spot. Walking through the show, it’s all John Deere, from the parts, signs, seats, manuals, gauges, decals to the tractors and implements lined up, with an occasional pink John Deere for good measure and a good cause.

During the show I caught up with and took a video of the Sign Man of Ohio. I see owners Ron and Sue Kennedy at a lot of different shows all over the country selling their tractor signs and badges and we haven’t decided yet if they are following me or I am following them! See their video about their business by clicking here to go to the Bulletin Board.

The auction at the show was run by Delos Dann of Dann Auctioneers of Canandaigua and lasted about six hours with three auctioneers. There were 112 consigners from 11 states and Canada, and 668 bidder numbers represented 25 states and Canada. A few items that sold were 2 John Deere 330’s that went for $26,000 and $22,100 respectively and a Hi-Crop that went for $20,000. 780 exhibits made up the show this year and 87 vendors set up.

Al and Brenda Hain were selling the Expo Toy for this year and previous years. It is a 1957 Chevy Cameo 350 pickup truck made by A&B Collectibles in Rochester. You can order yours by calling 585-227-1864 or by e-mailing Cost is $35 plus $8 shipping.

The New York State Expo Assn. is made up of four John Deere clubs: The Finger Lakes Two-Cylinder Club, Central New York Two-Cylinder Club, Southern Tier Two-Cylinder Club and the Western New York Two-Cylinder Club.This show takes turns with the Ohio Two-Cylinder Assn. so each has a show every other year. In 2012 the Expo will be held in Springfield, Ohio In 2013 it will be back in Canandaigua.. If you go to this show, make sure to take in Niagara Falls and some of the area tourist spots if you can.

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