Portland Swap Meet – May 2011

Reader Contribution by Terri Keitel
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Portland, Indiana. May 18-21, 2011. Mud, again with the mud. I shouldn’t complain, I only had to walk in it, others had to pull their trailers out, set up their booth spaces … and the area farmers weren’t even able to get into the fields. Actually we did have some mud and a little rain but we also had a couple of days of clear weather and sun.

In the whole scheme of things, it seems like the weather may not have as much of an effect when people are planning on going to the shows or swaps anyway, and it makes for a great adventure!

The swap meet grounds are on approximately 28 acres and are on the west side of the Jay County Fairgrounds whereas the Tri-State Gas Engine summer show in August runs on the east side, which is a much bigger area. According to Al Confer, past president of the club, 1,500 to1,800 people went through the gates for the swap meet this year.

As always, I had fun meeting up with so many of the advertisers from Farm Collector and Gas Engine Magazine, and all the good people of the hobby. A fairly new restaurant in Portland that is advertising in Gas Engine Magazine and offers a special discount to you folks who visit them during the swap meet and/or the show is Buffalo Wings and Rings. Go enjoy their great food and atmosphere after you have strolled the aisles for old iron, and clip out their coupons in Gas Engine Magazine for an extra savings.

An observation I’ve made regarding antique tractor and engine swap meets and shows. No lines at the ladies rooms! Just one of the perks! Another observation: there are literally hundreds of unique modes of transportation used to get through the aisles of iron, manuals, signs, parts, tires, engines and a lot of “What Is It” pieces. The creativity is something to be in awe of sometimes!

I am working on making some short videos of some of the vendors and this time I filmed Dwayne Hansford of Rustic Red Acres of Edinburgh, Ind. You can view the video by clicking here.

Join me at the Tri-State Gas Engine Club’s summer show August 24-28 back in Portland. My next stop on the Happy Trails line is the 22nd annual National Red Power Round Up in Albert Lea, Minn., June 23-25, 2011.

See you down the road!

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