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Call your collector buddies, stay updated on canceled farm shows, and focus on restoring your old iron to transport yourself in time.

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by Bill Vossler
This front view of the Happy Farmer shows the tractor’s unusual profile.

If there is any certainty in the time of pandemic, it is that there is so much we don’t know. This year, for instance, we don’t know whether shows will be held, and if they are, how that will look — and feel.

And yet, there is much we do know. First and foremost, you know the value of a hobby that transports you to a different time. Especially now, a good diversion is priceless. Want to flush news of the day from your mind? Focus your attention on a piece of old iron, preferably the one that you’ve been avoiding. Spend a few hours on a mechanical challenge; mix up a batch of body filler.

You know that there is always a need for volunteers. Perhaps you find yourself in the embarrassing predicament of being woefully under-projected. Chances are very, very good that there’s something for you to do at your local showgrounds. Carpentry, repairs, painting, mowing, clean-up: If all of us spent the time we’d normally invest in attending shows taking care of our own showgrounds, think of the impact! And you’ll be perfectly safe: There is no more effective way to maintain social distance than to wield a rake or a paint brush. Believe me, no one will come near!

You know there are many ways to stay engaged with your hobby. Have you read all the books on your shelf? If not, this is a great time to dust a few off. Technology also provides a distraction: Tackle that online research you’ve been meaning to do; check out the collector websites you’ve been meaning to visit. Just pick up the phone, for pete’s sake! You probably have a far-flung collector buddy or two who you’ve not spoken to for years. Why not now?

And finally, you know you can count on us at Farm Collector to do all we can to keep this hobby moving forward. We’re still publishing, we’re still online and we’re still spreading the news. Our website, for instance, contains a listing of cancelled shows. Be sure to check the list before travelling. If possible, check the show’s website or call the show organizers. Take good care, and stay in touch: We want to know what you’re up to!

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