Possible Ducro Niagro Marine Engine

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Phillip Matheson in Australia recently sent us the following photos of an engine that his father restored. It is currently on display at the Finley Historical Museum and has no identifying serial numbers or name associated with it.

Phillip has been told that it might be a Ducro Niagro marine engine, but he hasn’t been able to find photos that look like this engine.

What he does know is that the engine rotation is counter clockwise, it has twin camshafts, side valves and roller cam followers. He believes it had a total loss oil system, but any evidence of the oil system is missing from the engine. He also notes that the big ends have four bolts each, which go through the rods and thread into the rod caps with lock nuts. He also thinks the rods are made from a bronze-like material that has no big end bearing. Finally, he notes that the crankshaft is mounted in the sump.

If you have any more information, please contact Phillip at phillipmatheson@bigpond.com.

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