Wilbur Taylor's Hit-And-Miss Ingeco Type W

Reader Contribution by Beth Beavers

Wilbur Taylor purchased this throttle-governed 1917 6 HP Ingeco Worthington Type W in 2010. Wilbur is a hit-and-miss engine lover though, so he took some measures to make the engine into a hit-and-miss.

Here are some close-ups of the modified governor. To see more details about the changes Mr. Taylor made, please see the June/July issue of Gas Engine Magazine.

Here are some overhead shots of the now hit-and-miss Ingeco

Here is the Ingeco’s Webster oscillating magneto:

Here is the cylinder head and valves; the upper valve (silver) is the intake valve, and the lower valve (black) is the exhaust. The rocker arm that actuates the valve and the pushrod on the side that actuates the rocker arm are also shown.

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