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I found your magazine from an online search for info on the “Little Liz” gas engine

John Henry Birch, one of the proprietors, was my maternal great-grandfather. My interest is in finding someone who has one of these engines in the hopes that I can share some information that I have inherited from my grandmother, Marcella Birch Toth, about her father, John Henry Birch, one of the cousins that patented the engine. 

I have included a picture of John Henry Birch and John Hays Birch with the engine, as well as a brochure advertising the engine.

Hopefully someone with one of these engines will see this and contact me.

Bill Peeples, wmpeeples@gmail.com

If you have information on the Little Liz but do not have Internet access, please contact Beth Beavers at 1503 S.W. 42nd St., Topeka, KS 66609. 

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